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    Hi guys. I am a very very new crochet-er. I was just wondering what you guys thought would be the best project to start off on. Bearing in mind I have only crocheted for 2 days! Thanks for any input Happy

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    I'm a total noob at crocheting, too... but before I got even a little decent at making circles and rectangles, I just did projects that only required a chain stitch. Check out my multi-strand crochet scarf project & how-to. Happy

    The better your chain stitch looks, the better your other stitches will look when you move on to something more advanced.

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    Fab thank you Happy I was looking for something different than a granny square. Ill definitely give it a go thank you Happy

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    No problem Happy There are also usually simple patterns on the inside of yarn labels. Peaches n Creme yarns usually have something.

    I'm the kind of person who needs visual aids to actually learn something, so when I wanted to learn how to make a circle in crochet, I looked at videos and some step-by-step picture tutorials. Google is a powerful tool.

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    Yeah Ive YouTubed that girl who everyone talks about and shes been quite helpful with the single and double crochet Happy I am getting better! Im practising like 4 hours a day!

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    When I learned to crochet, I started with scarves since they are a simple shape and were functional when I finished them. Plus, by the time I finished one scarf, I was great at that stitch. I know a lot of people that worked on simple beanies when they started crocheting as well. Working in the round totally eluded me for a very long time until I attempted one amigurumi and it just clicked. Whenever I've taught someone to crochet, I've always had them work on a scarf and after a few rows they had it down.

    If you haven't joined yet, you should definitely join ravelry.com. Amazing pattern resource site as well as being riddled full of very helpful people. And of course keep up the youtube video watching. Whenever I encounter a stitch I've never done before, I always seek out a video.

    And I'm always willing to help out if you have a question. Best of luck~

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    Thank you very much for your advice. I am totally stuck. I can do the chain stitch but thats it Happyhowever im getting better at knitting every day. il definitely keep trying with the crochet though thanks guys for all the advice and support Happy

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    im in my crochet noob phase as well and other than doing granny squares Ive been working on my crocheting in the round by attempting beanie hats! Its helping me with my increasing and decreasing and my double crochet Happy

    Also on a side note, if you can get a hold of the stitch n bitch book "The Happy Hooker" it is amazing with nice clear instructions and pictures plus its got loads of ace projects in it Happy

    Good luck! Happy

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    Granny squares are nice and simple. That's how I learned to crochet. I'd suggest crocheting 9 squares and then turning them in to a cushion!

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    The stitch and bitch book is a good buy, I have been crochetting for years and I think it is one of the best crochet books I own.

    Granny squares are always good to start with to learn the stitches, you can learn all the different stitches making different types of granny square and learn to change colour. Best thing is that they are small so don't take that long to make. Then they can be made into almost anything.

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    Thanks for all the advice guys Happy Where would i be able to get the stich n bitch book from? I live in england

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    Probably Amazon or any book store with a craft book section.

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    Great thanks Monika. Happy

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    I actually didn't do any of this I learned from a friends' mother, I forgot then relearned from Bobwilson123 and Crochet Geek on Youtube. I hated the simple projects and clothing and I sorta just jumped into amigurumi. The one thing I can't crochet is a hat I don't know what is wrong with me XD.

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    i cant seem to understand patterns stated on line in text... can anyone explain the short hand terms for me to better grasp the numbers and letters. SUPER n00b, thanks guuys(:


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