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    LalaLoopsy Patterns?

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    I'm having an issue with the fact that I can't find LalaLoopsy clothes patterns ANYWHERE!

    If anyone knows where I could (preferably) obtain OR buy patterns, please let me know! I'd also appreciate ANY information on clothing Lalaloopsys.

    In case you're wondering what LalaLoopsys are, here's the link to their website.



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    have you had a look around Flickr? there are a couple of lalaloopsy groups on there, and you might be able to ask some of the members about patterns..good luck! and let me know if you do find something!

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    Thanks! And I have. For some reason, people with LalaLoopsys tend to be VERY secretive about how/where they got their patterns. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY.

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    I found this site you can buy them from. Not free but not too expensive either Happy


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    If you are still interested, here is a free pattern


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    @ Tracy C. that is a cute dress. After you have that pattern, you could add sleeves, lengthen it etc. great find.

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    ive seen haeps on etsy and one blog i found had a free how to on making a coraline outfit for it with a pattern as they are like coraline a bit