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    My dad wants me to get pregnant

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    BUT I'M ONLY 17!!!!!!! Is this a red flag? Should I punch my dad in the face and tell him he can't have a grandkid? I'm sorry father dearest, I do not wish to die.

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    um yes, HUGE FLYING IN THE WIND RED FLAG. A baby and the responsibility of a baby, in my personal opionion is not something you want at 17, I could be wrong, I have a friend who was married at 16 and a mom at 17 and now almost 20 years later it's still all wine and roses, however, that's not a typical situtation. Consider all invovled before you make this decision and then do what you want, not what your dad wants.

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    The thought of being a grandparent must be really thrilling. My mom could only have me, so she's been bugging me about having a baby since I was your age! She literally said she'd take me to a sperm bank (since I was still a virgin and REFUSED to get knocked up by some jerk) She wanted me to have a baby and let her legally adopt!

    Well, I made her wait 10 years (I'm 27 now) and I've just had my first child. I'm so thankful that I didn't give in! It was the right time, with the right man...and I was the right age. I'm much more mellow now than when I was 17. If I'd have had a kid then...I probably would have been a terrible mother. Not that it would have mattered, since my mom wanted to steal it from me!

    I think (in my case) mom wanted a grandkid so badly because she knew she wasn't really there for me when I was a baby. I guess it was like her chance to make up for it. Which, to me, doesn't make much sense.

    Don't worry though. Your dad is "probably" not crazy. Babies are just so damn cute. JUST DON'T DO IT...yet. Happy

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    lol I blame grandfather syndrome. He knows I can't have a baby in my condition. October 2009, I had an ovarian cyst that popped and caused me to bleed out about half my blood. It was still in my body, so I didn't die. But my gyno said if i did have a baby, I would die. I had to have that blood taken out of me and i had a transfusion... Such a mess.

    BUT ONE DAY!!!!!!!! I will adopt<33 But apparently not a kid from Russia. Did you hear about what that woman did to her adopted son from Russia?

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    Hey girl!Happy

    In Serbia a few years a go it was a huge "hit" to have a baby at 17-18.I say hit,because I dont know how to call girls getting pregnant just because their friend did too.From my school friends at least 5 girls got pregnant and married at 17.Now Im 22 and all of them are single moms and living at their parents house.In Temerin if you hear someone gets married,the first question is "Are they getting married because shes pregnant?"

    Where together for 5 years now with Joci,both of us are 22.Hes always saying he wants a baby in two years,and Im always telling him Im not going to have a child until I turn at least 26.No way.

    Im really far away from being old fashion,I dont want to have a formal wedding,Im not going to have a white dress but I want to have my own house before I have a baby.

    I think you should talk this ower with your dad,my father in law is having the grandfather syndrome too,but I told him he will have to wait! Happy

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    Jesus! Wow yeah , i dont suggest you punch your dad in the face XD thats a massive NO NO! However, i am 18 i have a beautiful little girl who is now 2years old 3 this year. She is literally my enitire world she really is and to be honest im glad i was a young mum because i would have gone down the worst road possible due to me being the dumbest teenager on earth hanging with idiotic people and doing dumb ass things >.<

    But i honestly wouldn't advise anyone so young to have a baby ! God, like you have so much ahead of you. Being so young and all that. college, uni work or whatever your aspirations are. I should have gone to college at the age of 16 but didnt due to the fact that i had my little girl at 16 , obviously later on i finally went to college to do what i really wanted but that wasnt until like almost three years after i had her. And i missed out on sooo much. Im doing everything ive ever wanted to do now but its involves more stress due to the fact that not only will i have work and coursework to worry about ive still got to be a mummy and give my angel as much time as possible. Haha but seriously ive neveer known an adult to want their kid to have a baby so much! Usually thats like the dreaded "Dad,Mum....i have to tell you something..." lol Its way too hard having a baby early anyway like yeah its all great being young parents but iits also a lot of straint on being a couple you would think it would make things bettter but being young...ohhhh nooooo haha there is not enough maturity involved on the male part :p

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    Good lord! That's a little crazy...I think having kids too young is a really bad idea. And you have to be really mature, etc. and you have your whole life for that if that's what you want!

    I don't want kids. I don't want to get married - a long-term boyfriend or whatever you call it is okay, but I really don't like marriage or kids.

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    hellll no! Tell him if he really wants a grand child to wait till you are ready

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    lol yeah i told him. he;s mad at me lol

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    Wow, this is the first time I've heard of this situation... many parents don't want their children to have kids when they are that young. It's such a huge responsibility to put on someone so young, not to offend you but you aren't at the peak of your maturity, at 21 I doubt I'm probably not either, not enough to have a kid. To me, there's still too much I want to do, I'm single and have been for a long time now, even if I met somebody who wanted kids I'd be putting it on hold because I'm personally not ready. So many of friends are getting married and/or having kids and even at the age of 20/21 I still think that maybe it's a iittle bit too young to be settling down, there's still plenty of time to do that... enjoy your freedom while you still have it!!

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    My parents are so damn supportive, it's almost scary. This is a funny topic. I really just wanted to get my crazy father's want for grandchildren out. It's funny cause he said that my older sister (age 23) is being selfish for going on birth control.

    @Lolly.Bot, You learn a new thing every day xD Seriously though, I am NOT ready to have a kid. I just graduated from high school, I have a job, i'm trying to save munny to get into college... Not the time for a kid. Besides, my boyfriend said we can't have kids till we marry lol

    I took a pregnancy text last week and when it came up negative, I rubbed it in my dad's face XD

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    It's probably best that you go and talk to a family planning place. You've spoken to him and he's got mad. Speaking to him is the best thing you can do and that clearly didn't work, so I'd go and ask for some professional advice if I were you. Hope it all works out soon!

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    omg. Thats crazy! I've never heard of that ever either. Usually parents are <i>scared</i> that their teenage kids will get pregnant. lol My lil brothers 16, & when i found out hes sexually active ...I, ME had a sit down with him, and lectured! It scares ME, & im almost 21. XD

    Tell him if he wants a baby so bad, why dont THEY adopt a kid. lol It's not ur responsibility to fullfill their twisted needs. their weird.

    I heard about the russian baby thing too. lol It was very sad. But i think that can happen anywhere. Lots of kids can have horrible pasts. :/ I always think its better to adopt from ur own country ...as there are plenty of babies/kids closer to home that need parents too.

    @violetta: I also decided i didnt want to have a kids at least til i was 26. XD how odd. I want my own house and be married first too. ...it might take that long till i find the right guy also, as right now im not dating anyone. bwahaha. oh well. Tongue

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    dark ash is right, usually parents don't want you to have kids that young

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    @DarkAsh, they decided that after one of us 3 kids move out, they want to be foster parents again. People really need to stop adopting babies from other countries. If you want a kid of a different race, go to an adoption agency and get one. We're practically a third world country!

    I turn 18 tomorrow. I really don't want a kid at the moment. My boyfriend said that after we hit 22, he wants a blood spawn of his own.

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    Aw, well thats good. =) I'm sure that will fullfill their need, instead of stealin your babies. lol

    about adoption: Exactly! I totally agree.

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    Another freaky thing, I told my mom I never want to give birth. So she said she'll be my surrogate mother x.x HELL THE F&%K NO. That's just sick.

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    Woah... that's a step too far in the wrong direction. No-one should be telling you to have kids and stuff. If you want kids one day then fine, if you don't then that's also fine, no-one should EVER tell you how to live your life, it's yours and yours alone!!

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    Sorry, what the hell does it have to do with him?! It's your damn body and your damn life! Your sister is being selfish for going on birth control?! What a load of @#~&*%$£^&@~}{+_. Sorry but he's mad.

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    Sorry, what the hell does it have to do with him?! It's your damn body and your damn life! Your sister is being selfish for going on birth control?! What a load of @#~&*%$£^&@~}{+_. Sorry but he's mad.

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    Tell your dad to adopt his own baby! That way, he can deal with all the screaming, drooling, and pooping so you don't have to die.

    Never die to make a man happy. It isn't worth it.

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    Having a baby this young is not smart you will be grounded for 18 years and longer sometimes...enjoy life finish school then when your ready have a baby but see the world and do things you love first.

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    Oh, i wish my dad was like yours. I'm turning 21 in a few months and my parents still want me to remain single and enjoy life (which they don't really let me do :<)

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    I cannot believe what I'm reading! What kind of parent would want their child to have a child for them...SELFISH and not a very good parent in my eyes. Miss Circus, you are in my prayers NOT to listen to your father, what is wrong with him? Why would a father jeopardize life of his child? RED FLAG! He is nuts!

    Is your mother alive?

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    I am 21 and pregnant. While I am happy married for 3 years now neither one of us were ready for this baby. while we are happy to have this blessing the time isn't great . Having a child is a huge life change and so many people take it lightly. Your father should know this. you should tell him to become a "big brother" or "grandfather" there is many programs out there for adopting grand kids.

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    This is absolutely awful..I can't believe that your father would want to endanger your life like that! I'm so sorry...he has no right to be angry with you, I hope that everything turns out alright.

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    My future mother-in-law was talking to my boyfriend the other day about grandchildren. & I'm like WOAH WOAH WOAH!

    Because, whereas we both like the idea of having kids one day, we aren't sure that we'll actually like being parents. So we'll probably never even have kids.

    Plus, we're both still in college & not married yet. This is no time for baby talk! ;P

    I think it's crazy that your dad wants you to have a kid so much. My mom would have put my boyfriend in the grave if I'd gotten pregnant at your age. She would have probably killed me too except for that thing in my womb.

    I hope you can make your dad understand that it just isn't a good idea in any way, shape, or form. Especially with your medical history. <3

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    I have three grown-up children. They are 31, 28 and 26 years old. I told them when they were teenagers to wait until they were older and had experience of looking after themselves before even thinking of having children. My eldest has a 4 year old child and as much as I adore her it was my daughter's choice to have a child with her then, partner of three years, even though I thought she should wait. He abandoned her when the baby was not quite a year old and has treated them both very badly since. It should be your own decision to have children and any parent who tries to push their children into starting a family is doing so with their own selfish reasons. If they want to look after a small child again then they should adopt a child of their own - there are many children without a family waiting to be loved and cared for - not pressure their children into starting a family. Live your own life, reach for the stars and be the best you can, there's plenty of time for children later.

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    My daughter has ovarian cysts and was told she wouldn't be able to have children. My grandson Jayce is 6 weeks old today. They kept an eye on her cysts throughout her pregnancy and she went full term.