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Back in March, we ran a contest to Accessorize Audrey Kitching, where we gave you the chance to see your creations modelled by Audrey in a photoshoot. She was so impressed with creations that she ended up picking three winners instead of just one and today, we're so excited to bring you the photos from the shoot!

1. Women's Wear Daily Dress by ElizsaC

ElizsaC made a gorgeous, fully wearable dress out of Women's Wear Daily magazines and clear tape. We think she did a stunning job!

Check out the project: Women's Wear Daily Dress by ElizsaC E.

2. Leather Shoulder Piece by Flo

Flo made an incredible shoulderpiece using leather from old shoes, belts, bags and a suitcase. She then wrote the stories of the people who had owned the items on the leather parts. Amazingly, she didn't even use a pattern to make it!

Check out the project: Leather Shoulder Piece by Flo M.

3. Crazy Platform Shoes by Kymberleigh

Kymberleigh made a pair of super tall and super glittery platform shoes. These amazing platforms are made from Converse glued on top of stacks and stacks of flip-flops which have had their straps cut off before being decorated with sparkly ribbons. It's such a genius idea!

Check out the project: Crazy Platform Shoes (how-to) by Kymberleigh.

We're so impressed with these creations and hope you are too. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!
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