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Make your food look amazing weith edible spray paint.

Check out the recipe from Shelterrific »

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Mini bunting makes this book bag look so cute.

Check out the how-to from Fiskars »

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These candy books are so cute.

Check out the recipe from Hungry Happenings »

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Jewellery made from coloured pencils look so cute.

Check out the how-to from Design Mom »

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Customize a candle holder with your favourite photo.

Check out the how-to from Photojojo »

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These flip flop cookie pops are the perfect snack to enjoy during the last days of summer.

Check out the recipe from The Pharma Blog »

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This pez quilt would take a long time but is worth the effort.

Check out the how-to from Me? A Mom? »

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These vampire bites would be a perfect snack at a Twighlight or True Blood party.

Check out the recipe from M&Ms »

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Get creative and make yourself a colourful scrap yarn and fabric cuff.

Chec out the how-to from A Fanciful Twist »

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We love these budding artist canisters.

Check out the how-to from I Love To Create »

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Recent Comments
  • BerthaAOG on Mexico City, Mexico
    I'm from Monterrey Mx... so I'm a little partial to your post ;) But I agree with one thing, Mexico is a great place that never ceases to amaze!! :) Love your post!
  • Shirin L. on Newcastle, England
    I absolutely love Newcastle! Ever since my brother got accepted to study Product Design in University of Northumbria and I got to go visit the city, I fell in love with the place! An amazing place ...
  • yarngamer on Shannon's Sewing Room
    If you find that clock that never runs out of time, please let us know so I can get one too!
  • RareJewel on Speedball Ultimate Screen Printing Kit
    Screen printing has been on my to try list for a while now. I do wonder how durable the screen print is for items that have to be washed though. Thanks for the review of this kit.
  • Steph. on Shannon's Sewing Room
    Ooh I recognise the 'We don't make mistakes, we do variations' quote...I have that same one up in my sewing room ^^

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