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This Pacman ghost garland would look so cute on Halloween!

Check out the how-to from Mini-eco »

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These simple white chocolate & pretzel ghosts are so clever!
Check out the recipe from eighteen25 »

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These hat-ettes are the perfect Halloween accessory!

Check out the how-to from delia creates »

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We love this super glittery haunted house luminary.

Check out the how-to from Just Something I Made »

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These panna cotta brains look gory and delicious!
Check out the recipe from 1 fine cookie »

This is such an adorable patchwork pillow!
Check out the how-to from Until Wednesday Calls »

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We love the mushroom skull on this killer Bloody Mary!
Check out the recipe from Mighty Girl »

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These stringy spider sacks are really creepy.

Check out the how-to from Handmade Halloween »

It's not Halloween without a few severed fingers and we love the almond nails!

Check out the recipe from Get Off Your Butt and BAKE! »

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  • kitblu on Canadian Caesar Cocktail
    I don't know how to make one but my niece adds dill pickle juice to hers. Here is a source for a typical recipe: http://greatcanadiancaesar.blogspot.ca/2012/03/pickled-caesar.html
  • ann.inman.92 on Short Street Cakes
    Love the look of your petite fours. Bet they taste good, too.
  • Chris K. on Purple Outfit
    Love So spot on love the clever ideas and makes!
  • RareJewel on Espace Tricot
    This looks like such a nice shop.Happy
  • Patricia V. on Edinburgh Zoo
    Lucky you are! When I was there a couple of years ago, the panda female had just given birth and we weren't allowed to see her. She was resting and no one could disturb her. the rest was very good....