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This herb citruc cocktail looks like the perfect cool down drink for the summer.

Check out the recipe from Wildfox Couture »

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This bicycle necklace is adorable!

Check out the how-to from Rubies & Pearls »

Square avatar   By Crafterella

No one else can pull the rock chick look off quite as well as Kat Von D but we're going to try in this week's DIY The Look:

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What do you think of Kat's style and who shall we DIY The Look of next week?

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Yum, these ice cream filled cupcake waffled look amazing!

Check out the recipe from Random Thoughts Of A Supermom »


Always smell your best with a pocket watch locket filled with solid perfume.

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These pizza stuffed pretzels sound amazing.

Check out the recipe from What's Cookin Chicago

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Mmm... cool down with some delicious coconut ice cream.

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Pressing pennies is fun when you're travelling but what should you do with all of those coins?! Turn them in to a gorgeous bracelet.

Check out the how-to from Collecting The Moments »

Square avatar   By Crafterella

If you can't choose between a cookie or a cupcake, these cookies and cream cupcakes will do the trick!

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