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Dads can be tricky to pick for, so we've had a good think and come up with our top ten crafty gifts for your Dad:

  1. Keep his gadgets safe with a unique Tie Pod Cosy.
  2. Cork Coasters will protect your Mum's tables from Dad's coffee.
  3. No other Dad will have a Paper Cup Pendant Light Shade.
  4. Help him show up his pub buddies with a Real Ale Keyring.
  5. Induldge his sweet tooth with Easy Peppermint Creams.
  6. Business Card Holder will keep his cards looking professional.
  7. Make sure he's always on time with a LP Record Clock.
  8. He'll never lose a bill with a Record Mail Organizer.
  9. Gnome Terrarium will brighten up his desk.
  10. Help him travel in style with a Vinyl Passport Case.
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We've scowered through the site and picked out our ten top Christmas gift ideas for your mum:

  1. Make her say yum with a Pie On A Stick.
  2. Sakura Blossom Lamp Shade will brighten up any room.
  3. Star Notebook Cover is great for taking down to-do's.
  4. Help her get her bag in order with a Bag Organizer.
  5. Any Mum would love a cute Owl Brooch.
  6. Cath Kidston Peg Bag will cheer up the weekly wash.
  7. Rosemary Lavendar Shampoo Bars smell great and last longer than normal shampoo.
  8. Keep clutter in check with a Magazine Bowl.
  9. Ice Cube Candles are great for relaxing evenings and long baths.
  10. Give her fashionable feet with The Elle Tie On Slipper.

It doesn't take a lot of money to acheive Emma Watson's designer style, just lots of DIY and here's how:

  1. Give yourself Cat Morley style cat eye make-up.
  2. Style your hair with some hair twists like cassiae.
  3. Give your mac a Burberry makeover with Charley H.
  4. Sew a gorgeous open backed dress with PinkWeeds.
  5. Sew a Chanel style quilted shoulder bag like Cat Morley.
  6. Hide one of sigrunelise's Harry Potter style wands in your bag.
  7. Accessorize with Sweet Autumn's chained pearl bracelet.
  8. DIY your own pair of Stella McCartney Asymmetrical Shoes with Matter Of Style.

Who would you like to see on next week's DIY The Look?

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We've got a copy of the Jessie Oleson's book Cake Spy presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar Filled Life. The book is filled with amazing recipes for all kinds of brightly coloured treats,

Tricked Out Cereal TreatsRainbow Layer CakeHomemade Conversation Hearts

We've also got three sample recipes from the book including Tricked Out Cereal Cakes, Rainbow Layer Cake and Homemade Conversation Hearts.

Win a copy of Cake Spy (USA Only).

For your chance of entering, simply leave a comment below telling us your favourite sugar filled treat.

Congratulations to Andrea V.

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Make everyone laugh at your jokes this year with DIY Christmas crackers.

Check out the how-to from Celebrathe the Big & Small »


These peppermint mocha cupcakes look amazing.

Check out the recipe from Bakers Royale »

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This wreath looks so fluffy and soft.

Check out the how-to from Tatertots & Jello »

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These ice skate decorations are made from twigs and look so cute!

Check out the how-to from Michele Made Me »


These grilled cheese croutons will be so tasty in your tomato soup.

Check out the recipe from The Kitchn »

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Make a happy snowman out of yarn balls!

Check out the how-to from Happy Homemaker Me »

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  • BerthaAOG on Mexico City, Mexico
    I'm from Monterrey Mx... so I'm a little partial to your post ;) But I agree with one thing, Mexico is a great place that never ceases to amaze!! :) Love your post!
  • Shirin L. on Newcastle, England
    I absolutely love Newcastle! Ever since my brother got accepted to study Product Design in University of Northumbria and I got to go visit the city, I fell in love with the place! An amazing place ...
  • yarngamer on Shannon's Sewing Room
    If you find that clock that never runs out of time, please let us know so I can get one too!
  • RareJewel on Speedball Ultimate Screen Printing Kit
    Screen printing has been on my to try list for a while now. I do wonder how durable the screen print is for items that have to be washed though. Thanks for the review of this kit.
  • Steph. on Shannon's Sewing Room
    Ooh I recognise the 'We don't make mistakes, we do variations' quote...I have that same one up in my sewing room ^^

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