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Julie creates the perfect vintage picnic for today's #DIYTheParty

I chose a vintage picnic because the weather is warming up soon, and it is the perfect time to diy things to use all summer (and a vintage picnic is the perfect opportunity to do so.) I included a hairstyle and dress idea to get the party clothes started, and a mason jar decoration idea so the picnic food can be served mason-jar styled.

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The best thing about living in Limassol is the all-year-round warm weather here, it is fantastic nearly 10 months a year (with only January and December being really kind of rainy and coldish - with the occasional sun at the beach and snow in the hilltop like 30 minute drive kind of month during the winter period!) and the beaches are so close and beautiful! They are also kept lovely and clean with full amenities, and beading on the beach on a warm summer afternoon under a large straw umbrella is just any beader's dream!

We're testing out Adnams Triple Sec for today's #CocktailHour and mixing up a Champagne Martini, Chocolate Orange On The Rocks and a Tunisian Chocolate Orange Cake.

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Learn how-to bead a gear and sun in #Shop Showcase with Karen Kubby from Beadology in Iowa City.

Come behind the scenes at Amy Is The Party for a #CraftRoomTour and see Amy's office and craft room in Sacramento, California.

(Photography by Doug & Vicki)

I love the pegboard I made to hold my craft tools.

Steffi from Anti.Muse recreates the punk style of Vivienne Westwood for today's #DIYTheLook

Vivienne Westwood is the mother of punk fashion. She and her former partner Malcom McLaren have been leading figures in creating the look of punk. Til today she is one of the most important women in fashion. In an interview Vivienne once said „Buy less, choose well and also do it yourself.“ is her claim, so in this spirit „cut out + keep“ would totally be her thing. Her signature look is a beautiful, wild mixture of punk elements and historical references, also the use of traditional tartan patterns and her draping techniques are very characteristic and unique. All in all I love how creative she is, her looks are never boring, but always different, inspiring and fun.

Learn how-to emboss, deboss and layer in #TechniqueTuesday with Peg from Peg's Crafting Corner.

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Cook pork ribs and smoked brisket in #ABiteToEat with SLATE in Orlando, Florida.

Pleasant Valley, MO, United States •

Cook a Snow Pea, Asparagus & Onions Saute in #AroundTheWorldIn80Dishes with Debora in Pleasant Valley, Missouri.

Fernanda recreates the look of Emilie Autumn for #MakeoverMonday and gives her a mother earth inspired makeover.

I like how she dramatizes the makeup, as she can use strong colors and let them obscure to match your tone of music.I especially like the colors she chooses, because the vast majority are my favorite colors.

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