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Craft Room Tour

Posted July 3rd, 2014 10:00


We head behind the scenes at Little Deer Tracks to tour Aimee's studio in Siloam Springs, AR.

"My dolls are my favorite things, they make me happy and are fun to decorate with! :)  I have lots of artwork from various artists I admire throughout my house, and I have a gallery wall of my own embroidery art in my craft room."

Tell us about your space?
My studio is in our computer studio, (my husband is an artist too) we have huge floor to ceiling windows. I love looking out into our front yard in the mornings and seeing birds and squirrels hunting their breakfasts. Other than that, our space is pretty standard, we’ve moved a lot and it always takes some creativity to find the right place for everything. I have space in two rooms in our house. I share my computer studio with my husband, and we both collect toys, so that room is full of them, as well as toys belonging to our 2 year old son. I have also taken over a little room in the middle of the house where I keep all of my craft supplies and projects I’m working on. It may eventually become a guest room too, but for now it’s all mine. I share it as well, with my son, he does a lot of painting there at the window and drawing on the floor. I do work there, it’s close to the living room where we play itunes radio, or Sesame Street much of the day. I do embroidery, hand sewing projects and make and paint clay NOM gnome figures there.

What have you done to make your space cosy, beautiful or inspiring?
I always have a bulletin board on the wall where I tack up bits and pieces of inspiration that come my way. I don’t have a lot of display space in my craft room, but I keep a few colorful things out on top of my shelf of storage boxes. I’ll probably rotate them throughout the year. My computer is surrounded by my doll collection, my "plastic audience.”  I just got a new computer desk for Mother’s Day, which I stained turquoise. I love it, it brings lots of color into a room with drab walls. My son’s chalkboard is next to my desk and features his ever changing artwork.

How do you keep organized?
Most of my supplies stay in plastic storage boxes on a tall shelf. It’s not the most attractive solution, but I can access everything when I need it. 

Any tips & tricks for organising supplies?
I have a boxes for each type of craft I do: yarn, needle felting, fabric, felt, paints, embroidery flosses, and some with odds and ends. Keeping things separate makes it easier for me to keep them organized and put away when they’re not in use.

Which are your favourite possessions and are there any of your own creations on display?
My dolls are my favorite things, they make me happy and are fun to decorate with! :)  I have lots of artwork from various artists I admire throughout my house, and I have a gallery wall of my own embroidery art in my craft room.

How do you organise your inspiration and ideas?
I always keep a sketchbook where all of my ideas start. I draw everything and sometimes write in quotes too. Often ideas for new projects come from random doodles in my sketchbook. I also have physical, and digital scrapbooks of inspirational images I like. I’m also an avid Pinterest user.

Where do you look for inspiration?
I look through my scrapbook image collections, my sketchbooks, and online. More often than not though, ideas come to me when/where I’m not looking for them.

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make it the dream space?
I’d love to have a huge room with a huge work table, lots of cabinets with shelves inside for supplies, and lots of display shelves. Oh, and huge windows with natural light, looking out onto a forest, or the ocean. Sound good? ;)

Staticmap?center=30.2495779, 97.7546633&maptype=roadmap&markers=%7c30.2495779, 97
A bite to eat

1503 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704, United States • Visit

We stopped off at Gourdough's food truck while road-tripping through Austin and tucked in to a gigantic donut topped with gummy worms and cookie crumbles. Today, they teach us how to make their super fruity Miss Shortcake donut:

How did Gourdough's get started?

After grueling long days of back to back appointments and showing property you go long periods without eating, toward the end of the day you need a sugar fix and I would start fantasizing about the naughtiest thing I could eat, which were these crazy donuts!

The actual concept for the donuts was inspired by my love for desserts, the ones my family would always make around the holidays.  I thought it would be great to have these year around and not just one day out of the year, but I needed a medium to serve these on in order to have a full concept, when the idea of my second love quickly popped into my head......freshly fried donuts. But they couldn't be just ordinary donuts, they needed to be Big and Fat in order to get attention.

What are your specialities?
I believe our marketing edge is actually our concept of offering crazy food combinations, something that your mind hasn't thought of before, and adding a fun playfulness by creating a unique name for each one.... its shocking the first time you hear of a donut burger or chicken fried steak on a donut.

What's your personal favourite thing on the menu?
My favorite dish on the menu is the Dirty South; chicken fried steak sitting on a potato pancake and homemade cranberry-habanero jelly, then of course on top of a donut, and then all of it is smothered in our creamy gravy.

Where else should we visit in your area?
I love what they’re doing at Swift’s Attic and I also love 24 Diner as a late-night spot.

Anything else you'd like us to know?
Our short term goal is to open our 3rd trailer at The Picnic off of Barton Springs Rd.  Our long term goal is to open Gourdough's nation wide.

1503 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704, United States • Visit


Indie Renaissance Girl: Maritza is a freelance, self taught artist. 
Illustrator of HelloGiggles' Illustrated Tweet Of The Day. Maritza has drawn for MTV, HuffPo, and BBC America.

Have you always been creative and artistic?

I have. My entire life is best described as 'artistic'. There's nothing I love more than being able to creative something out of nothing. I can't really imagine doing anything else. 

How would you describe the style of your work?

My work was once described as Woody Allen meets Roy Lichtenstein. That's probably the best way I'll ever hear my work described but personally, I think it's like a fusion. It has a little bit of Pop Art, little bit of Archie, but a whole lot of me. 

What’s in your pencil case and what’s your favorite tool?

I have an old make up bag as my pencil case. It's adorbable and beat to shit. In it are my favorite color pencils/illustration markers by Prismacolor. My absolute favorite tool is my trusty 6H pencil by Staedtler. Cant live without those.

Who is your favorite superhero?

Growing up with two brothers and a nerdy dad, I was always a Marvel/DC girl. But I gotta go with Batman. Always and forever. Now villains are a totally different story. THEY'RE my real favorites.

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Invisibility or flight. I mean seriously. 

Where do you look for inspiration?

I love seeing work by fellow artists. I love browsing through tumblr or instagram. There's a tremendous community on Instagram and being able to reach out and speak to other people who admire your work or vice versa is amazing.

Who are your favorite artists or comic book authors?

My favorite artist in the whole world is ROy Lichtenstein. His artwork makes my heart sing. 


Jenna R. By Jenna R.

Outfit details:

  • Dress - op-shop
  • Blazer - op-shop
  • Shoes - DIY (see below)
  • Tights - Sussan
  • Top - Ginger Tree

DIY Pom Pom Shoes:

Recreate the look with Jenna's pom pom shoes tutorial:

How would you describe your style?

Somewhat clownish, like a young child who was given too much freedom in dressing themselves. Lots of print mixing, statement pieces, pastel or bright colours, (or both) and general eccentric cat-lady style.

What's your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

My rainbow polka dot 50's style dress. Especially fantastic worn with petticoats and doc martens, so you look particularly sassy.

Who are your style icons?

Anna Piaggi, Iris Apfel, Tavi Gevinson, and the people who wear what they want, and don't give a damn.

Do you have any favourite designers?

Oh, yes. The crazier the better. Romance Was Born, Meadham Kirchhoff, Lu Flux, Lady Petrova. The style of the pieces is important, but so is the ethics of that designer.

Where are your favourite places to shop for new clothes?

Both ethically and because of my budget, op shops/thrift stores or hunting designers on ebay is my way to go. But I do find myself obsessing over certain Dangerfield pieces, or Gorman. 

Do you make or customise your outfits?

As much as I can, yes. I have sewn a few dresses and what-not, but I find handmade accessories are easier and have the same impact. You'll often find me stroking velvet and playing with buttons in craft stores.

Do you have any great tips for mixing up and personalising an outfit?

Learn to sew, even it means re-hemming or changing necklines. Recycling old clothes, making accessories, gettin' crafty with a hot glue gun and embroidery also add a personalised touch, and you can be as insane as you wish. 

Which other fashion blogs do you love to read?

Pineneedle Collective, The Clothes Horse, Mermaidens, Self-constructed Freak, and Scathingly Brilliant. I love blogs that are beautiful aesthetically, but also those with happy, interesting content. 

"The best thing about Berlin is the greenery. No matter where you are in this huge, crowded city you are never far away from a grabbing breath of fresh air & a break in one of the many well taken care of parks." 

View Berlin City Guide in a larger map


I love wandering through the many thrift & secondhand shops Berlin has to offer and there's nothing better than a lazy Sunday spent strolling through the flea markets for a bargain.

As I only use upcycled & recycled materials for my projects I don't shop in craft supply stores, however I have spied large crafty sections in discount shops TEDI & Woolworth and the cheap & cheerful textile shops found on every main street are a fab source for sewing notions. DaWanda, the second largest online marketplace for handmade items, is based in Berlin & the Markthalle Neun offers lovely stalls to rent in their funky weekend market. 

Be Inspired

Simply walking around Berlin provides an inspirational feast for the senses! The East Side Gallery is a 1.3 km long section of the Berlin Wall that has been transformed into an international memorial for freedom. The Gallery consists of 105 paintings by international artists & is possibly the largest and longest-lasting open air gallery in the world.The paintings at the East Side Gallery document a time of change and express the great hopes for a better future for all people.

Berlin is jam packed with historial buildings & monuments: Checkpoint Charlie was the name given by the Western Allies to the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War; The Reichstag (German Parliment Building) with its large glass dome, open to the public, which provides a 360-degree view of the surrounding Berlin cityscape; The Brandenburg Gate is a historical city gate that was rebuilt in the late 18th century as a neoclassical triumphal arch; The Berlin Wall cobblestone trail follows the course of the former GDR border (a.k.a: The Berlin Wall) & is a great hike or bike through the city. 

Eat & Drink

The Friedrichshain area of Berlin is chock full of fabulous bistros, restaurants & cafes. A stroll down Simon-Dach-Str. will have you spoiled with mouthwatering choices! One of our fave spots for grabbing a quick bite is the Soup Tank in Schlossplatz Koepenick - delicious, traditionally prepared German soups & sausages are served from an original 1940's portable army "Soup Kitchen"!

We love the Chocolaterie Catherine in Old Town Koepenick. Their handmade chocolates, pies, cakes & made-to-order coffees & teas are divine!


The river Spree runs straight through the city & if you're lucky enough to be able to craft-on-the-go, getting comfy on a park bench or spreading a blanket on the river bank just might mean a visit from the friendly swans & ducks that make their home along the Spree.

See Something Special

The Beate Uhse Erotikmuseum is definitely an eye opening (& hilarious) look at the history of sex!

  Pick Up A Souvenir

My super duper top tip for souvenirs: hop on a train, head to the east side of Berlin & browse around the Euro and discount shops. You'll find the exact same souvenirs as you would in the tourist areas of West Berlin for a fraction of the more than few quirky extras to get with the money you save!

Do you live in an awesome city? Get in touch with us about writing your own city guide!

Craft Room Tour

Posted June 26th, 2014 10:00


We head to Greensboro to go behind the scenes at Marty's Musings tour and see Marty's purple organized craft space.

"The organization is my favorite thing about the room. When I changed the way I store my massive selection of scrapbook paper I took the time to organize everything with DIY chalkboard labels. I spend less time looking for things and more time creating!"

Tell us about your space?
My craft room used to be my oldest son’s room. When he went off to college we transformed the space into a spare bedroom/craft room. The room is about 10x12 and also contains a twin bed. I do work on my crafts and scrapbooking in this space and also use it to photograph some of my projects for my blog.

What have you done to make your space cosy, beautiful or inspiring?
I added a purple accent wall to give it some color and spark my creativity. My ribbon wall organizer is very fun and then I have the quote on the wall “Live your life to be a story worth telling.” That encapsulates how I want to live my life!

How do you keep organized?
I love my scrapbooking paper organizers and chalkboard labels because now I can find everything because it’s so well organized! I use both open and closed storage for variety. I also took the door off the closet and used shoe cubbies to store additional supplies.

Any tips & tricks for organising supplies?
Labeling definitely helps me and grouping like supplies together. I want to be able to access easily the items I use most often. I also know that keeping my work area clean is vital to being able to work in this room!

Which are your favourite possessions and are there any of your own creations on display?
I love my scrapbook paper and now that it’s organized I can use more of it in my crafting. I find the colors and patterns inspiring. I also have a display wall where I hang some of my scrapbook pages. I took an old window which I painted chalkboard and glass panes alternating so I used scrapbook paper and chalkboard sayings as decoration.

How do you organise your inspiration and ideas?
As a blogger I’m a huge fan of Pinterest and I organize my ideas through my boards. 

Where do you look for inspiration?
I still love my scrapbook/crafting books. I enjoy going through them and using the ideas to create something new and different. As a blogger, I’m always on the lookout for inspiration. I also search the internet and Pinterest often to see what catches my eye. My husband is also great at helping me repurpose yard sale and found items into home decor.

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make it the dream space?
I would make my room bigger so that I had enough space for one of those cool storage cabinets that opens up to reveal tons of room to store and craft.
I love my room but I’d love for the windows to be larger to bring in more natural light.
Honestly, I love my space and have worked hard to make room for everything I love and to create a space that makes me happy!

PinkWeeds By PinkWeeds

This week PinkWeeds recreates the look of Daenerys from Game Of Thrones:  

"What I love about Daenerys Targaryen is she knows who she is and she is completely confident in her own skin. Her style is completely reflective of her life and the different places she finds herself. Ironically it isn't when she's dressed in silk gowns that she is most herself, but when she's in rough leathers and woven cloaks that she seems most confident. "

See the list »

Who is your favourite character from Game Of Thrones?

Who would you like to DIY The Look of? Get in touch to make your own and be featured on the blog!

Operation Overhaul By Operation Overhaul

Singapore, Southeast Asia • Visit

"I think the best thing about living in Singapore is also the worst—space. We are a really small country with a growing population, so over the years, it has gotten a lot more crowded here. However, I feel that the fact the we are small makes it great for travelling. You can make your way from one end of Singapore to the other in 2 hours and explore all the different places. Nowhere is ever too far." 

View Singapore City Guide in a larger map


My favourite shops in Singapore would have to be Muji, Basheer Book Store and Little Drom Store. There are the usual shops for buying craft supplies like Spotlight and Art Friend, but I am lucky enough to be working in Chinatown, where you can find many fabric and craft shops! For example, you can go to Golden Dragon in People's Park Centre to find a huge variety of yarns.

There are fleas that take place every now and then, organised by events, museums etc. But I believe the one most suitable for crafters will be Public Garden, which Operation Overhaul has taken part in as well!

Be Inspired

I get a lot of inspiration from things I see on a day to day basis, be it on the internet or observations from my surroundings, and that applies to my design job as well. I believe an idea can sprout from anywhere, even the most unexpected object or place you see, so there is no need to restrict where you go to get inspiration from!

Upper Pierce Reservoir is a great place to take photos. That place has a sense of peace to it and living in Singapore, we don't get a lot of nature parks and are often surrounded by buildings in every view, so it is nice to go somewhere away from the "city" every now and then to just keep still, away from the hustle and bustle. 

Other than that, I believe the more hip touristy areas will be places like Haji Lane and Tiong Bahru.

Eat & Drink

For a really good brunch/lunch, you should definitely visit Common Man Coffee Roasters. It is my favourite brunch place in the whole of Singapore.

Besides that, I love Japanese food and could possibly eat it for every meal. You can visit Liang Court, where there are several nice, authentic Japanese restaurants and supermarket in the basement. There's also Marutama at 75 Kililney Road, which serves chicken broth ramen and really good japanese-style homecooked dishes. For good sashimi, Teppei at Orchid Hotel makes a good bowl of chirashi don during lunch hours at a really value-for-money price! 

Lastly, the best of all is still the local food you can find oly in Singapore. Go to all the coffeeshops (or kopitiams as we call it) and hawker centres to try our local food like hainanese chicken rice, bak kut teh, satay, chwee kueh and more. The list never ends.

For sweet treats, there's Lady M at Marina Square, to get good mille crepes and Max Brenner Chocolate Bar at Esplanade Mall for something sinful! There are many new cocktail bars popping up here, but my favourite so far is Jekyll & Hyde on Tras Street.  


To be honest, I craft at home most of the time but Operation Overhaul did attempt several quick craft sessions in cafes! Here's one we did at Spruce, I've always thought it'll be nice to craft in parks, so I might just try that soon.

We have not been in a part of any big craft groups before, but we will be a part of a new community called "We Made It" that will be doing weekend studio and craft sessions, where people can participate in workshops and buy our items at!

If you want to make crafty friends, participate in fleas or workshops! That's the best way to meet fellow crafters who are passionate in making things too :) 

See Something Special

We don't really have thrift stores here, but you can try your luck shopping at the Salvation Army or random stores in the heartlands! 

  Pick Up A Souvenir

Grab a book by a local writer at Books Actually or bring back something locally made from one of the fleas. If you fall in love with the food here, bring back jars of kaya or seasoning packets, that's what many of friends living overseas do! 

Do you live in an awesome city? Get in touch with us about writing your own city guide!

Craft Room Tour

Posted June 19th, 2014 10:00


We head to Toronto, Ontario to tour artist Angel Szafranko inspiring art studio and craft space.

"My favourite thing about this space is that it's 'open'. It's actually the dinning room but we were never using it. I can see right into the living room from where I sit. So if I'm on the computer doing some work I can also watch a movie!"

Tell us about your space?
My craft room is located in Toronto, ON. I've lived here for about 4 years now. It's technically the dinning room in our place. It's not too big, It connects to the living room and kitchen (which is also very small). In this room, I paint, sew, animate and draw. In this space I mostly paint, draw and animate. I just recently got a sewing machine so now I also do some sewing on weekends.

What have you done to make your space cosy, beautiful or inspiring?
I like to keep my space very colourful and fun. I put up a lot of the pictures I take because it reminds me of happy times. I pin up things that inspire me from the internet or just things I buy.

How do you keep organized?
It's hard but I try to clean up after myself after craft. If I let it go a little, I try to clean the area up on the weekend. I try to keep all my sewing supplies in on area, all my paints on one shelf, etc. My desk is always pretty clean.

Any tips & tricks for organising supplies?
I like to keep things out in the open. If i can see it then I know where it is. If i put it away somewhere, i'll probably forget about it. Thats why I love that big built in book case in the corner of the room. If I didn't have that I think I'd have a bunch of wall shelves or something.

Which are your favourite possessions and are there any of your own creations on display?
I love the wall with all the colourful mini polaroids. It's just nice to look at. Above my sewing machine I have a few of my tribal animal paintings hanging up. I like looking at them. They inspire me to do more.

How do you organise your inspiration and ideas?
I take down notes sometimes, of things that id want to make or do. But usually its an idea i have in my head for a while... and it just won't go away so I just go ahead and do it. Those are usually my favourites.

Where do you look for inspiration?
The internet is full of amazing artists. I also like watching old cartoons, disney movies, anime. Sometimes fashion inspires me too. Inspiration is all around!

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make it the dream space?
My 3 wishes would be; to have a bigger room. A door would be nice too because sometimes I wish I could just be alone. But then I'd need a TV in there with me or something. A big window near me would be nice too. I love looking outside and natural light is awesome too.

DIY The Look

Small pjharvey

PJ Harvey