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Mix an Old Fashioned, French Martini and The Milligan shot with Sofi's Bar in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Mademoiselle Jo plans our her dream bedroom for this week's DIY The Room.

I created this list thinking about my dream bedroom. I want a style mixing coocooning and modern. I like the quiet atmosphère of neutral colors and the way the textures are mixed. In addition, i'd like to add a little peps, a wake up everything with some flashy touches and happy colors ! Within my selection i thought using wood, candles and pillows to illustrate the coocooning and modern part. My child aspect need funny accessories so i added an adventure book and candy storage with animals on the top !! :D (I really do love candy)

Outfit Details

  • Hot pink bolero - Marks and Spencer
  • Black halter top - Made by me
  • Rainbow sequin pencil skirt - H&M
  • Clutch bag (actually an ipad case!) - Kate Spade
  • Shoes - Office
  • Glasses - Vintage

DIY Glitter Fabric Hair Accessory

Recreate the look with Vicky's glitter fabric hair accessory tutorial:

Freehold, New Jersey •

The best thing about living in Freehold, NJ is it's location. Freehold is a residential, suburban area containing a small downtown with close proximity to the larger cities such as New York and Philadelphia, as well as to the beautiful beach towns of the New Jersey Shore.

We're getting creative in the CO+K kitchen with Trotter's Independent Condiments for our new Craft Test and making a Chocolate Marmalade Cake, Spicy Chili Pepper Noodles and Blackcurrant Negroni.

Hannah from Cheapishly recreates the look of the Creative Director of J.Crew, Jenna Lyons.

Jenna Lyons, arbiter of cool-girl style, has reached modern style icon status thanks to her curated signature look. Along with her trademark glasses, she loves to rock vibrant red lips, quirky denim and bright accessories, all with a borrowed-from-the-boys twist. Here are a few projects to help you recreate her signature look.

Learn how-to crochet a flat circle with Shelley from Spincushions and use them to make her crochet coasters.

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Learn how-to bake a Mango & Ginger Baked Alaska with Frisky Froyo in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Lara Mindy is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Manila. Aside from doing graphic artworks, she enjoys travelling and taking landscape photographs. She spends her downtime reading books, listening to music, drinking tea and making art.

Muhaiminah recreates the light & classy style of Demi Lovato's Californian living room.

I've been a Lovatic for a long time. Demi has always been very inspiring. Anyways, I love her house in California, it's full of life, light and classy stuffs, just like Demi! Here's a list of 10 how-to projects that can help you re-decorate your living room like Demi's living room from her house in California

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