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DIY Braided Hair

Recreate the look with Kelly's braided hair tutorial:

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Austin, Texas •

What's the big deal about Austin? The food. Oh y'all, the food in Austin is simply the best. Sure, we have the best (brisket, beef) BBQ in the world—at Franklin's, Salt Lick, and Rudy's—but we're not only about meats. What's Austin if not hippies, hipsters, and vegans? Yep, the non-meaty foods are great, too. Spanning both sides of the meat equation are our famous breakfast tacos. No mere wraps with scrambled eggs inside, breakfast tacos feature amazing ingredients like fried avocados (from Torchys), refried black beans (Tacodeli), fish (Wahoo's Fish Tacos), and really anything else you can dream up. If you're really good, you'll get "migas", which are a nice blend of scrambled eggs and tomatoes plus bits of tortilla. We heard you liked tortillas, so we put tortillas in your tortilla, so you can eat tortillas while you eat tortillas.

Mexico City, Mexico •

Cook some Mexican molletes for breakfast with Gaby in Mexico City.

Our Sidekicks are getting crafty with rainbow snaps and pliers from KAM Snaps in today's #CraftTest and making an adjustable apron, summer tote bag, clip on hairband and no-sew felt basket.

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Learn how-to knit a magic loop with Jo and then use the technique to make her tiny hat.

Valencia, Spain • Visit Website »

Cook a traditional Spanish chicken croquette with Zorenne in Valencia.

I am a Wednesday's child. Full of woe. (You know the rhyme, right?) So it makes sense for me to dress up this halloween as Wednesday Addams, one of my key reference points waaaay back when I was forming my personality. (My other personal inspiration is Daria (yes, my personal development was heavily based on a cartoon... And what?!), but I went as her last year so I decided to shake it up a little this year. Well, swap one sarcastic, caustic, enormously witty character for another sarcastic, caustic, enormously witty character. And it's so easy! I chose ten simple tutorials to make the outfit and accessories - all chosen to turn my trusty LBD into a costume fit for a fabulously deadpan goth girl! I wanted to give it a bit of a grown-up twist, so I went with the smoky eye and fishtail braids, but I also wanted to keep the look playful, which is where the eyeball ribbon bows come in (these bows would also look pretty cool pinned to a pair of mary janes, but I chose the shoe wings tutorial - which can be used to make shapes of your choice for your shoes; not just wings. I'm thinking axes or daggers.) Adding a white peter pan collar completes the foundations of your outfit, and now all that's left is to accessorise! I've chosen a poison pendant, rosary beads, a doll head, some painted tights (mine are crosses, not polka dots, just for that extra gothic flair), and a book clutch (you could fashion a spellbook, or maybe a prayer book if you want to be a bit controversial! And you could easily add a strap to make this bag more manageable). And there you have it! Wednesday!

Markee recreates the gory style of a Club Kid themed monster party for this week's #DIYTheParty

I would love to go to a Club Kid themed party, as they are about decadence, fun, gore and dressing up in a creative way. Club Kids accepted people at the fringes of society, and they spent their nights looking fabulous. They challenged the status quo, and held a party where ever they could, whether it was a burger joint or subway.

Staffordshire, England •

Make a clay mouse with Rachel in Staffordshire, England.

Des Moines, Iowa • Visit Website »

Learn how-to make a tattoo scarf with Kathryn in Des Moines, Iowa.

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