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PinkWeeds By PinkWeeds

This week PinkWeeds recreates the look of Daenerys from Game Of Thrones:  

"What I love about Daenerys Targaryen is she knows who she is and she is completely confident in her own skin. Her style is completely reflective of her life and the different places she finds herself. Ironically it isn't when she's dressed in silk gowns that she is most herself, but when she's in rough leathers and woven cloaks that she seems most confident. "

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Who is your favourite character from Game Of Thrones?

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"I think the best thing about living in Singapore is also the worst—space. We are a really small country with a growing population, so over the years, it has gotten a lot more crowded here. However, I feel that the fact the we are small makes it great for travelling. You can make your way from one end of Singapore to the other in 2 hours and explore all the different places. Nowhere is ever too far." 

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My favourite shops in Singapore would have to be Muji, Basheer Book Store and Little Drom Store. There are the usual shops for buying craft supplies like Spotlight and Art Friend, but I am lucky enough to be working in Chinatown, where you can find many fabric and craft shops! For example, you can go to Golden Dragon in People's Park Centre to find a huge variety of yarns.

There are fleas that take place every now and then, organised by events, museums etc. But I believe the one most suitable for crafters will be Public Garden, which Operation Overhaul has taken part in as well!

Be Inspired

I get a lot of inspiration from things I see on a day to day basis, be it on the internet or observations from my surroundings, and that applies to my design job as well. I believe an idea can sprout from anywhere, even the most unexpected object or place you see, so there is no need to restrict where you go to get inspiration from!

Upper Pierce Reservoir is a great place to take photos. That place has a sense of peace to it and living in Singapore, we don't get a lot of nature parks and are often surrounded by buildings in every view, so it is nice to go somewhere away from the "city" every now and then to just keep still, away from the hustle and bustle. 

Other than that, I believe the more hip touristy areas will be places like Haji Lane and Tiong Bahru.

Eat & Drink

For a really good brunch/lunch, you should definitely visit Common Man Coffee Roasters. It is my favourite brunch place in the whole of Singapore.

Besides that, I love Japanese food and could possibly eat it for every meal. You can visit Liang Court, where there are several nice, authentic Japanese restaurants and supermarket in the basement. There's also Marutama at 75 Kililney Road, which serves chicken broth ramen and really good japanese-style homecooked dishes. For good sashimi, Teppei at Orchid Hotel makes a good bowl of chirashi don during lunch hours at a really value-for-money price! 

Lastly, the best of all is still the local food you can find oly in Singapore. Go to all the coffeeshops (or kopitiams as we call it) and hawker centres to try our local food like hainanese chicken rice, bak kut teh, satay, chwee kueh and more. The list never ends.

For sweet treats, there's Lady M at Marina Square, to get good mille crepes and Max Brenner Chocolate Bar at Esplanade Mall for something sinful! There are many new cocktail bars popping up here, but my favourite so far is Jekyll & Hyde on Tras Street.  


To be honest, I craft at home most of the time but Operation Overhaul did attempt several quick craft sessions in cafes! Here's one we did at Spruce, I've always thought it'll be nice to craft in parks, so I might just try that soon.

We have not been in a part of any big craft groups before, but we will be a part of a new community called "We Made It" that will be doing weekend studio and craft sessions, where people can participate in workshops and buy our items at!

If you want to make crafty friends, participate in fleas or workshops! That's the best way to meet fellow crafters who are passionate in making things too :) 

See Something Special

We don't really have thrift stores here, but you can try your luck shopping at the Salvation Army or random stores in the heartlands! 

  Pick Up A Souvenir

Grab a book by a local writer at Books Actually or bring back something locally made from one of the fleas. If you fall in love with the food here, bring back jars of kaya or seasoning packets, that's what many of friends living overseas do! 

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Craft Room Tour

Posted June 19th, 2014 10:00


We head to Toronto, Ontario to tour artist Angel Szafranko inspiring art studio and craft space.

"My favourite thing about this space is that it's 'open'. It's actually the dinning room but we were never using it. I can see right into the living room from where I sit. So if I'm on the computer doing some work I can also watch a movie!"

Tell us about your space?
My craft room is located in Toronto, ON. I've lived here for about 4 years now. It's technically the dinning room in our place. It's not too big, It connects to the living room and kitchen (which is also very small). In this room, I paint, sew, animate and draw. In this space I mostly paint, draw and animate. I just recently got a sewing machine so now I also do some sewing on weekends.

What have you done to make your space cosy, beautiful or inspiring?
I like to keep my space very colourful and fun. I put up a lot of the pictures I take because it reminds me of happy times. I pin up things that inspire me from the internet or just things I buy.

How do you keep organized?
It's hard but I try to clean up after myself after craft. If I let it go a little, I try to clean the area up on the weekend. I try to keep all my sewing supplies in on area, all my paints on one shelf, etc. My desk is always pretty clean.

Any tips & tricks for organising supplies?
I like to keep things out in the open. If i can see it then I know where it is. If i put it away somewhere, i'll probably forget about it. Thats why I love that big built in book case in the corner of the room. If I didn't have that I think I'd have a bunch of wall shelves or something.

Which are your favourite possessions and are there any of your own creations on display?
I love the wall with all the colourful mini polaroids. It's just nice to look at. Above my sewing machine I have a few of my tribal animal paintings hanging up. I like looking at them. They inspire me to do more.

How do you organise your inspiration and ideas?
I take down notes sometimes, of things that id want to make or do. But usually its an idea i have in my head for a while... and it just won't go away so I just go ahead and do it. Those are usually my favourites.

Where do you look for inspiration?
The internet is full of amazing artists. I also like watching old cartoons, disney movies, anime. Sometimes fashion inspires me too. Inspiration is all around!

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make it the dream space?
My 3 wishes would be; to have a bigger room. A door would be nice too because sometimes I wish I could just be alone. But then I'd need a TV in there with me or something. A big window near me would be nice too. I love looking outside and natural light is awesome too.

Juliet J. By Juliet J.

This week Juliet recreates the victorian steampunk look of musician and Snippets coverstar, Emilie Autumn: 

"DIY the style of Emilie Autumn, a well-known electric violin player, singer, actress and poet. She carefully selects amazing clothes from the Victorian era, corsets and striped stockings, adding sometimes a hint of fantasy and sometimes a Steampunk inspired accessory. Prepare yourself a cup of tea and welcome to her Asylum: but remember that it's easier to get in than to get out..."

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Nicole Lulinski (she goes by Luli) is an illustrator and the creator of HoneyTruffle Co. She loves to draw girls with giant heads and bad attitudes. Honeytruffles are what she calls her illustrations of ridiculous thoughts, favorite quotes, cool people, and rad fashion because they're small, sweet and exactly what you need. Follow @Honeytruffleco on Instagram even though she has no clue where she's going.

Have you always been creative and artistic?

My mom is an artist and art projects were just always around when I was little. I like to see in the world through a million different filters and creating stuff has always been so much fun for me = creative and artistic.

How would you describe the style of your work?

I like clean, black outlines (and really messy hair.) People have called my work cute, but it prefers to be called hot.

What’s in your pencil case and what’s your favorite tool?

I draw everything on my iPad Air and my Intuos Creative Stylus - welcome to the future. Bamboo Paper and Procreate are my go-to apps for creating honeytruffles (what I call my illustrations.)

Who is your favorite superhero?

Aquaman. Or Vinny Chase. I sometimes wear Batman underwear, so also Batman.

If you could have one super power what would it be?

I wish I wasn’t messy, so I need a superpower where I could just snap my fingers and my whole life could organize, clean and color code itself. Also, super speed laundry folding.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Instagram. Lana Del Ray Pandora. Supermarket people-watching. I take a lot of walks to make up for the amount of time I spend on Reddit and I always end up seeing things that inspire me.

Who are your favorite artists or comic book authors?

I’m Argentinean and I grew up obsessed with Argentinean comics like Gaturro by Nik, Mafalda by Quino and Clemente Carlos ‘Caloi’ Loiseau. Bill Watterson and Charles Schulz top off my list of my list of Totally Amazing Thought-Provoking Talented Cartoonists. 

Staticmap?center=21.5814404, 158.1051408&maptype=roadmap&markers=%7c21.5814404, 158
A bite to eat

66-443 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712, United States • Visit

We stopped for lunch at The Beet Box Cafe while road-tripping in Hawaii and loved their deliciously fresh veggie options. Today, they're teaching us how to cook their Portabella Stache'wich which might just be the best sandwich ever!

How did The Beet Box Cafe get started?
The Beet Box Cafe got started back in February 2011. The old tenant was moving out and I was asked to put in a new cafe.

Where are you located?
We are located deep inside celestial natural foods on the North Shore of Oahu.

What are your specialities?
We are a vegetarian/vegan cafe and our specialties are everything - our menu has so many different flavors! We also serve amazing fresh juices, and superfood smoothies. 

What's your personal favourite thing on the menu?
My favorite thing on the menu is probably the Burrito Babe. When I first moved to Hawaii, I was selling these burritos on the beach and they called me the burrito babe, so I knew that I wanted that on the menu. It's a veggie/tofu sauté in a peanut coconut thai curry sauce and it's delicious!

What's on the stereo?
Lionel Richie radio… duh!

Where else should we visit in your area?
Go to the beach when on the North Shore... anywhere is amazing!

Do you host any special events?
Once a year, during the Triple Crown, I host the biggest dance party of the year. U fly in DJs from the mainland and Canada, theme it and blow it up. An event not to be missed!
66-443 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712, United States • Visit


Hannah M. By Hannah M.

Outfit details:

  • Black Buckle Boots - Crown Vintage from DSW
  • Canvas Backpack - Oasap
  • Sunglasses - gift from my mom!
  • Vintage Blouse - From my shop
  • Vintage Pinafore Dress - From my shop

DIY Crop Top And Shorts Set

Recreate the look with Hannah's Crop Top And Shorts Set tutorial:

How would you describe your style?

I always have a hard time with this one as my style is really ever-evolving based on the season, my mood, and whats currently inspiring me! That said, I can definitely say it usually some sort of mix between vintage and modern, and I always try to keep things fun!

What's your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

My favorite piece in my wardrobe for comfort is one of my slightly oversized V neck t shirts, which you can find me in on most weekends!  As for a more fashion-y item, my cat- eye tortoise shell sunnies that my mom found for me in a grocery store in Hawaii are one of my very favorite things I own right now!  I know thats more of an accessory than a piece of clothing, but I feel like an outfit is truly complete once I have them on!

Who are your style icons?

Other bloggers are my style icons! I am so happy to be a part of such an inspiring and stylish community.  I am always pinning outfits I want to try out and swooning over things I see on my daily blog feed. 

Do you have any favourite designers?

I am really not big into designers, but I really enjoy everything from Dear Creatures. 

Where are your favourite places to shop for new clothes clothes?

Most of what I wear is vintage and or/ thrifted, so when I get something that is actually new it feels like a treat.  My usual go-tos are Urban Outfitters, H&M, and Modcloth.  Also, whenever I enter a Target I always end up with SOMETHING new that I really don't need!

Do you make or customise your outfits?

Yes! I love to alter vintage clothing to make it a bit more modern.  My Etsy shop is full of clothing that I have altered and/ or customized!  It's amazing what taking up a hemline a bit or removing poofy sleeves can do!

Do you have any great tips for mixing up and personalising an outfit?   

I'd say always have fun with it, and also make sure you feel like "you".  This is not to say I believe people should be limited to wearing one style, but I think its important to feel great and be comfortable in what you are wearing.  An easy way to make an outfit more personal is to have a few favorite sunglasses that can be the finishing touch to basically any look!

Which other fashion blogs do you love to read?

When I first started blogging, I was very inspired by Steffy's Pros and Cons and Flashes of Style, and they are still two of my favorite reads to this day.  I also love the remixing and swap blog I am a part of called Flock Together!


Darcy Allan is a graduate from the Sheridan Illustration degree program. Illustrating through life with quirky drawings and darling fashions. Has an odd obsession with bows, polka dots and cotton candy... and cats.

Have you always been creative and artistic?

I have.  I used to draw out everything when I was younger. Even in math class, I would draw out the problems in order to solve them b/c I needed EVERYTHING in my life to be visual, or I couldn't connect. I began drawing "Barbie Books" as a young girl where I would draw out every barbie I owned, with her stats ( occupation, eye color, outfit etc) This was a feat b/c my sister and I owned over 100.  I then transitioned into the girl that would draw "celebrity portraits." So all my classmates would come to me, with requests to draw Leonardo Dicaprio or Justin Timberlake. I'm crafty, I'm resourceful and I always have ideas bouncing around in my head!

How would you describe the style of your work?

My work is very character driven. I LOVE drawing people and this reflects in my work. If I'm ever presented with a project that doesn't have people or animals in it, I try my hardest to incorporate them in some way. My work has been described as quirky and odd, yet darling and sweet. I love when things are "off," and I purposely disproportion everything. I don't think my work is scary, but it definitely has a dark layer to it. 

What’s in your pencil case and what’s your favorite tool?

I don't have a pencil case, but more of a "pastel bunny  jar." ;)  My favorite tool would be my extra teeny tiny detail brush. Which I replace often b/s it's always getting damaged.  I also have this tube of blush pink acrylic that I am obsessed with. It is in ALL of my work. In the last 2 years I haven't done a piece without using it. 

Who is your favorite superhero?

Does Harry Potter count? If so, Harry Potter. I'm such a Hufflepuff. 

If you could have one super power what would it be?

I have always wanted to have the power to change my clothes like Sabrina the Teenage Witch did.  She could wear ANYTHING! FREE OF CHARGE. I know this wouldn't really help humanity out very much but mornings would just be so much easier!

Where do you look for inspiration?

I find inspiration in the weirdest spots. Sometimes I'll be walking down the street and come across an old, chipped, painted wall in a stunning color of mint green and stone. And then something pops into my head. I'm heavily influenced by vintage, old or decrepit things. This sounds kind of gross but there is something so endearing and heartfelt in pieces from long ago. Something like a weathered stool is so full of character and holds so many stories how can it not be inspirational?

Who are your favorite artists or comic book authors?

I love a lot of old illustrators such as Arthur Rackham + Sir John Tenniel.  So inspirational. I also love Isabelle Arsenault. She is one of my favorites by far! 

Chudames By Chudames

"Bellingham is a magical land of bicycle lanes, many wonderful parks, endless amounts of hiking trails, second hand-shops, and a plethora of artisan coffee shops and local breweries. If you ever lacked a place to get your creative juices flowing, come to the inspiring hodge-podge of a city that is Bellingham. It's not just my home, it is one of my favorite places in the world." 

View Bellingham City Guide in a larger map

Ah, Bellingham, Washington. Coined, The City of Subdued Excitement, it truly lives up to its name. Located in the saturated Pacific Northwest we are just a two-hour drive north of Seattle, a thirty-minute drive south of the Canadian border to British Columbia, right on Bellingham Bay looking upon the San Juan Islands to the west, and a beautiful view of Mount Baker to the east. Bellingham is a magical land of bicycle lanes, many wonderful parks, endless amounts of hiking trails, second hand-shops, and a plethora of artisan coffee shops and local breweries. Not to forget our lovely South Side/Sehome district with Western Washington University’s lovely brick campus covered in beautiful sculptures, and the quaint area of Fairhaven. We are also home to The Upfront Theater, owned and operated by Ryan Stiles of the television show, Who’s Line Is It Anyway? If you ever lacked a place to get your creative juices flowing, come to the inspiring hodge-podge of a city that is Bellingham. It's not just my home, it is one of my favorite places in the world.


My all-time favorite shops in Bellingham are Village Books and Paper Dreams in the Fairhaven District. Located on 11th Street, Village Books’ cozy three stories sell both new and gently used books. Looking for a cool gift for someone who might not be a book fan? Fret no more, for Paper Dreams is right through the open doorway between the two shops. Find a locally made treasure, a novelty item, delicious candies, or that perfect card. Don’t forget to stop in to the attached Colophon Café for a bite, and sit outside on the Village Green while you read your newly purchased treasure.

One wonderful place for yarn-related goods is NW Handspun Yarns. Located in Downtown Bellingham on Commercial St., NW Handspun Yarns is locally owned, and full of knowledgeable & helpful staff. Not only do they have a luxurious selection of fluffy lovely yarns, you can also spin your own fibers AND wind up your purchase into a handy center-pull ball using their fancy wooden ball winder. They also have classes available for your knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, etc. needs to become the ultimate yarn ninja.

Our leading Craft Supply stores would be the chain stores, Michaels and Joann Fabrics. If you’re looking for that specific finishing piece for your super-secret project before unleashing it upon the world, those are your sure-fire places to find what you are looking for.

My favorite places to buy crafting supplies would be in consignment and charity shops. I spend an embarrassing amount of time digging around the second-hand shops of which there is an abundance of in Bellingham. You simply cannot go wrong, and will almost always find a treasure.

The most wonderful place to be on a Saturday between the months of April and December is the Bellingham Farmers Market. Local crafters of soap, scarves, bags, shirts, trinkets, cakes… you name it, are spread about. Sign up for a booth to sell your handmade goods, listen to street performers, and sample the many flavors of local restaurants. If outdoor markets are not your thing, try browsing any locally-owned shop to see locally-made items, especially small consignment shops. Many of our local cafés and restaurants happily sell local art as well.

Be Inspired

Bellingham itself is a great source of inspiration. There are so many antique and junk stores located downtown that are great for finding quirky things to inspire. I personally love going to places like The Lucky Monkey and Paper Dreams to fawn over other people’s creative talents. 

We have so, so, many parks in Bellingham: Boulevard Park, Whatcom Falls Park, Cornwall Park, and many more. And beaches, though ours are the rocky kind, not sandy – but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful. If you’re an outdoor adventure, don’t pass over the hiking trails to places like Raptor Ridge, or, if you’re not up for that big of hike, the Sehome Hill Arboretum.

If you’re down on the Harbor, make a visit to the Marine Life Center to their Touch Tanks and see the local aquatic wildlife. Or you could even go whale watching.

Here are three things you should probably get your picture taken with:
One: Sit with the statue of the historical Dirty Dan Harris on the Village Green in Fairhaven.
Two: Walk around the corner from Rocket Donuts to the giant rocket ship. Pose in an epic stance below. Take picture. Post on your favored social site.
Three: Pose in front of the falls at Whatcom Falls park

Eat & Drink

If you’re visiting the Pacific Northwest, you must try the local seafood. One of the top places to go for fresh, local, seasonal seafood is Anthony’s on the harbor. Not only is the food fresh, but it has an amazing view of the bay that can be seen from any seat in the restaurant. Because they can be a bit pricey, I recommend going during lunch hour. One place I almost never fail to go when in the mood for pasta is Cascade Pizza on Meridian Street. Try their lasagna. I like mine with meat sauce and pepperoni. More of an artisan pizza fan? Try La Fiamma Woodfire Pizza on Railroad Ave. I recommend the Major Grigio. Looking for something a little different? Try some frog’s legs down at the Bayou on the Bay! Vegan or Vegetarian? Fret not. Almost all of Bellingham’s local restaurants have vegan and vegetarian options. Even Rocket Donuts features Vegan donuts!

If you visit the Bellingham/Fairhaven area, you are simply failing to experience its greatness if you pass by the treasure that is Rocket Donuts. With two locations (Downtown Bellingham on Holly St, or Fairhaven on Harris Ave), Rocket Donuts is a local gem full of Sci-Fi flare featuring fresh, handmade doughnuts. Classic Sci-Fi movies play in the background while retro posters and replica movie props keep you company. I highly recommend the Bacon Maple Bar.

If you’re not a sufferer of Lactose intolerance like me, do yourself a huge favor and stop in to Mallard Ice Cream on Railroad Avenue in downtown Bellingham. Hand-crafted ice cream in ever-changing flavors. If you’re with a large group, there are board games galore to play so you can pace yourself through ice cream without brain freeze. Remember a napkin, and stop by an ATM, as it is Cash only.

Less of a doughnut and coffee person, and more for tea and tiny sandwiches? Why not wander down 11th street in Fairhaven to the tiny cobbled street behind Skylarks Hidden Café, and open the magical door to the neighboring Abby Garden Tea Room? Get your fill of sweet cakes and savory sandwich wedges while eating off fine china, and drinking from delicate floral tea cups. The only place in Bellingham for a proper tea.  Feel like being creative with your tea? Hop up the stairs to CreativiTea and paint away while you enjoy your Cuppa.

The lovely thing about Bellingham, is that we are just as passionate about our beer as we are about our coffee. There truly is something for everyone when it comes to your own version of a fun night out. Here are just a few options of some awesome places to go, depending on your mood. The local favorite in Bellingham is Boundary Bay Brewery. However, due to its popularity, it’s a difficult place to find a seat, so most drink their beers at other bars around the surrounding blocks. If you find the crowd to be too large, you might want to wander down to The Copper Hog, which is just as lively, but with an old-timey flair with butcher paper table cloths, and Mason jar cups.

Like the novelty of food trucks? Prefer to sit outside on picnic benches? Do you enjoy large signs placed upon stacked beer kegs? Ride your bicycle over to James Street and stop by Kulshan Brewery Company, they have exactly the atmosphere you’re looking for. Are you more of a club type? Can you not resist to swinging your hips to the Untc-Untc-Untc of a catchy dance beat? Look no further than Rumors Cabaret. And if you’re more into the Industrial scene, stop by on Fetish Night in your best shiny pleather outfit and get kinky! Just looking for some cheap drinks and don’t care much how the crowds atmosphere might be? Stumble on down Holly Street to the historic Horseshoe Café. It’s a college-kid-favorite local haunt and our prized 24 hour diner. You will not have a dull night there, I promise. Prepare to come back in the morning for a Hop-Along special. You’ll need it.

Two personal favorites of mine are Honey Moon Mead & Cider in Downtown Bellingham, and Archer Ale House in the Fairhaven district. Honey Moon Mead & Cider is a magical wine bar tucked away in the alley behind State Street. If you love mead, wine, hard cider, cakes, soups, and finger foods, this is a place for you. The bar itself is small and cozy, the servers are friendly, and once in a while you might catch a free mead tasting, or a live band. Archer Ale house is hidden below the streets of the Fairhaven district. Look for their sign on 10th street and follow the downward arrow. The pub itself is fashioned to feel like you’ve taken a step back in time with its European architecture, long wooden tables, and dim but soft lighting. Full of worldly beers, and hearty food, free table-top games, and no cell service, this bar is like a world of its own.


Head out to Fairhaven and sit on one of the many benches along the boardwalk of Boulevard Park. Stop by Woods Coffee before heading out to sit with your crochet, and enjoy the breeze in your hair, the gentle curves of the islands off in the distance, and watch the sail boats float by. A beautiful place to find some peace for crafting is Lake Padden. Take a walk around the lake, then find a cozy spot to rest your legs, and get some crafts done. Or, why not have a picnic at Whatcom Falls Park? Once you wander its trails, gander upon the falls, visit the fish hatchery. Relax next to the pond while watching the Mallard ducks bobbing for food; you’ll always want to come back.

I am not a part of any craft clubs, but there are often hosted crafting groups by local yarn stores, and at the Libraries. Once in a while, if you keep a watchful eye, you can find 21 and over events for crafters, too. Aside from local crafting stores like NW Handspun Yarns, and Apple Yarns, cafés are always a great place to start making new crafty friends! Craft in public! It’s a great way to get a conversation started.

See Something Special

There aren’t many places in Bellingham that don’t have an element of quirkiness or oddity to them. I think that’s part of what makes Bellingham great, and part of what makes people keep coming back. If you’re out for entertainment, catch a movie at the Pickford Cinema. If you’re more for live entertainment, have a laugh at the Upfront Theater, owned by Ryan Stiles. Looking to get your nerd on? Stop by Dark Tower Games and play some Warhammer, or Magic the Gathering.

  Pick Up A Souvenir

Stop by The Lucky Monkey before you leave the area. You won’t leave empty handed!

Do you live in an awesome city? Get in touch with us about writing your own city guide!

Staticmap?center=55.9541991, 3.1979739&maptype=roadmap&markers=%7c55.9541991, 3
A bite to eat

94 Hanover St, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH2 1DR • Visit

Henderson's Of Edinburgh is a staple for vegetarians in the city serving delicious fresh salads, hearty veggie burgers and delicious fresh baked goods. We've teamed up with them this week to learn how-to cook their smokey babaganoush and a roast vegetable and caschewnut satay.

How did Henderson's Of Edinburgh get started?
Henderson’s started in 1962, as an outlet for organic produce from Janet Henderson’s farm near Edinburgh. In 2012 it celebrated it’s 50th year in business with a 50 day food festival. Still family owned, it looks set to continue for at least another 50 years.

Where are you located?
Our 160 seater restaurant is located at 94 Hanover Street Edinburgh, EH2 1DR. We also have a bistro on Thistle Street, a café on Lothian Road, and a deli shop above the restaurant.

What are your specialities?
We specialise in vegan and vegetarian cuisine serving breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday from 8am – 10pm. We also source locally and use organic where possible, much as we have been doing since 1962. We have table service and an evening menu from 5pm and also live music from 7pm nightly.

What's your personal favourite thing on the menu?
My personal favourite is the baked aubergine stuffed with nuts and served with celeriac mash and plum sauce.

What's on the stereo?
Until the musicians start at 7pm, we would normally have something like the Supremes, Rodriguez, Janelle Monae or London Grammar on the stereo.

Where else should we visit in your area?
As we are in Edinburgh city centre there is plenty of choice, but I would recommend going to sit in Princes Street gardens when the sun is out, or heading down Dundas Street towards Stockbridge and the Water of Leith.

Do you host any special events?
We often have special events as well as catering for weddings and parties a lot. There are two monthly poetry reading events, language classes everyday, and live music every night from 7pm.

Anything else you'd like us to know?

We also have an in house organic artisan bakery.

94 Hanover St, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH2 1DR • Visit

DIY The Look

Small melisandre