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This week we're going to DIY the look of Andy Warhol's factory girl, Edie Sedgwick:

  1. Revamp a pair of sunglasses with an old make-up compact like CheerLiveWire.
  2. Slip in to Charley's Marc My Words dress.
  3. Recreate Doe Deere's Green Children make-up.
  4. Accessorize with Lilly's fake pearl necklace.
  5. Make your own pair of mitzi's studded earrings.
  6. Pair your dress with lace leggings like Jenna.
  7. Slip on a faux glass bracelet by Pie Ching.
  8. Paint your nails with Piet Mondrain inspired nail art like Nina.
  9. Complete the look with a cabochon picture ring like Lilly.

Which other retro style icons would you like to DIY the look of?

Who would you like to DIY The Look of? Get in touch to make your own and be featured on the blog!



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