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Grandad can be even tricker than Dad to find gifts for, so here's our top ten things to make him:

  1. Pencil Keychain is sure to come in handy.
  2. Keep him organized in the garden with a Easy Peasy Gardening Apron.
  3. Loose Leaf Tea Bag Envelope is perfect to send him in the mail.
  4. Keep the cold out with a Doggy Draft Excluder.
  5. An Owl Matchstick Holder will keep those matchsticks handy.
  6. Tell him to note down all his favourite stories in a Leather Journal.
  7. Antique Spoon Plant Markers are a great way to remember what's planted where.
  8. Fill up a Wellington Boot Christmas Stocking with lots of lovely little presents.
  9. No Bake Fudge is sure to please any sweet tooth.
  10. If your Grandad's a bird spotter, keep them in his garden with a Pine Cone Bird Feeder.


Sandra L.
Sandra L. · Newark, California · 38 projects

i don't kno how happy my grandpa would be if i gave him an apron skirt....

Mia_Ferry · Sydney, New South Wales, AU · 3 projects

the tea bag thing is cute

L P.
L P. · ,

OOps - forgot what web site I was on! Really then, the pencil key holder would be good! Although that one tea bag is still kind of lame!

L P.
L P. · ,

Seriously - how old is this Granddad? I am 50+ and this list is something I would have got my Granddad! Matches? Pencil?? How about i-tunes money, or an ebook? Really, we are not as behind the times as this list suggests. Although, if the Wellingtons are real (with the leather lining) that would be great(don't even need the little presents!) One tea bag???

Anastasia · 13 projects

ahhh ! this is too cute !

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