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Sheri from Confessions of a Refashionista recreates the quirky and eccentric style of fashion designer, Betsey Johnson:

Betsey Johnson is an international treasure. Rocking the fashion industry since the 1960's, her whimsical wild child designs, endless creativity and natural talent have made her an icon.I discovered her fabulously fun style in the 90's and have been incorporating bits of her look into my outfits ever since. Mix up some hippie & rock chick with a healthy dose of funky blonde ballerina to give any ensemble Betsey Johnson flair!

Becky from Patchwork Posse gives us 7 tips for hand applique and then teaches us how-to make a holiday mug rug.

7 Barony St, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH3 6PD • Visit Website »

Learn how-to cook smoked mackerel, beetroot & apple fritters and chermoula paste with Edinburgh's Broughton Delicatessen.

Square 283638 335716203221924 3627970 n   By Lea Bee

Lea Bee recreates the style of Doctor Who's companion, Clara Oswin Oswald for today's Halloween DIY The Look:

I love Claras style-romantic and neat. Skirt is original and iteresting and original and cardigan lovely. I love the shoes- rock style but it goes well with everything else.

Michty Maxx recreates the look of musician & singer Lzzy Hale and gives her an amped up spiky makeover.

It's simple rock chick makeup and it's practically the same what I used to wear on stage when I was in my first band, so I kinda felt kinship there. Plus I really love the band she sings for, which is Halestorm and you should definitely check out their music!

Square avatar   By neijie

neijie recreates the costume of Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd for today's Halloween DIY The Look:

What attracts me to Mrs Lovett's style is that it seems rather unkept yet polished at the same time. Her hair is unruly but is always in an updo. Her ragged hands are usually adorned with lacy gloves. Don't even get me started on her fancy tattered gowns. You've just got to hand it to her, the lady's got style!

Sadie from Sadie Seasongoods recreates the style of Lorelai's living room from the set of the Gilmore Girls:

I absolutely adore the Gilmore Girls' living room. Vintage and Funky and Comfy- oh my! If a room could be a welcoming hug, it would be Lorelai Gilmore's living room!

Square avatar   By Jessy

Jessy recreates the costumes of the witches from Wicked for our first Halloween DIY The Look of the year.

I love that the look is edgy and dark, but feminine at the same time.

Outfit Details

  • Headpiece - Rock n' Roll Bride for Crown and Glory 
  • Necklace - Bonnie Bling 
  • Jacket - Reworked Topshop Denim (see tutorial!) 
  • Brooch - Karen Mabon 
  • Dress - Ted Baker 
  • Shoes - JuJu 
  • Ice Cream clutch - Betsey Johnson 
  • Rings - Thomas Sabo and Bloody Mary Metal

DIY Printed Statement Jacket

Recreate the look with Lynsay's how-to make a printed statement jacket tutorial:

1244 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1N4, Canada • Visit Website »

We head to The Make Den in Toronto where we learn how-to do crack stitching.

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